Tacony CDC Marks its 30th Storefront Improvement

July 21 2017

The Tacony CDC is proud to mark its 30th storefront renovation at Torresdale Dental Associates (7108 Torresdale Ave). Over the past five years, the Tacony CDC has cooperated with local business owners to participate in the City of Philadelphia’s Storefront Improvement Plan to make Torresdale Avenue more welcoming to shoppers. Because Torresdale Avenue is a designated commercial corridor by the City of Philadelphia, business owners are eligible for up to 50% reimbursement of the cost of improvements to their storefronts, such as exterior painting, windows, doors, awnings and signage.

Some great examples of recent storefront renovations in Tacony are Sophie’s Bridal (6819 Torresdale Ave), DeNofa’s Italian (6946 Torresdale Ave), and Computer Guy (6911 Torresdale Ave). Streetscape improvements along Torresdale Avenue are continuing to improve the heart of the neighborhood and make Tacony a great place to work and live.

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