Tacony Schools

Families living in Tacony have a wide variety of schooling options to choose from, ranging from a large number of public schools--including the very close Abraham Lincoln High--to a number of parochial and charter schools for all ages. Explore more at each of their websites, or give them a call to find out about open houses!

Religious Schools

Blessed Trinity PK - 8
3033 Levick Street, Tacony
Phone: 215-338-9797

Charter Schools

Public Schools

Ethan Allen School K - 8
6329 Battersby Street
Phone: 215-537-2530

Henry W. Lawton School K - 6
6101 Jackston Street
Phone: 215-335-5659

Hamilton Disston School K - 8
6801 Cottage Street, Tacony
Phone: 215-335-5661

Edwin Forrest School K - 6
7300 Cottage Street, Mayfair
Phone: 215-335-5652

Abraham Lincoln High School 9 - 12
3201 Ryan Ave, Mayfair
Phone: 215-335-5653

Austin Meehan Middle School 7 - 8
3001 Ryan Ave, Mayfair
Phone: 215-335-5654

MaST Tacony: 3rd-6th Grade and 9th Grade
6501 New State Road, Philadelphia PA 19135
Phone: 267-526-0005

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